Must-do merchandising to boost sales


‘Tis the season when shoppers seek refuge from the sweltering heat in air-conditioned malls, which means it’s your cue to get your shop in tip-top shape. Below, we dole out five of our top merchandising tips to get customers to go from eyeing to buying. 


Use signs as silent sellers
Clever signs are an easy way to entice customers. Remember that less is more, so keep copy concise, be crystal clear (especially with pricing), and have fun with puns and alliteration. Pro tip: use the words “you” and “yours” often to ensure the customer always feels top of mind. 


Match slow movers with your best sellers
Customers who peruse shops slowly tend to be higher spenders, so make sure to pair them with your best sellers who can assist them as they browse, help sell your brand’s story, and ultimately drive the sale. 


Be creative with how you display items
Play with color (i.e., arrange items from light to dark) and use height to add visual contrast. Remember that when customers approach stacked items, it’s the perfect opportunity for you or one of your sales associates to lend them a hand in finding the right size. 


Merchandise full solutions
Group complementary items to compel shoppers to buy more. You can tell a story by grouping similar items (e.g., beach totes and swimsuits)—the holiday season is a great opportunity to put this into practice. 


Feature impulse items on or near your counter 
As your customer makes their way to the register, be sure to display items they have to have within arm’s reach. This is a simple way to land a last-minute sale or two. Be conscious of price point—the sweet spot is between $12 and $20. 


If you’re interested in learning more expert merchandising tips, RAAS members get access to live training sessions with Amanda Wagner of Retail to Riches.

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Must-do merchandising to boost sales

August 8, 2018