Sticking to your New Years Resolution

February 5, 2018


At the stroke of midnight on the eve of a fresh new year, many of us feel inspired to make changes in our lives, but how can we commit to these resolutions weeks, even months into 2018. As we find ourselves at the start of February,  some of us might be feeling that the resolutions we made weeks ago are harder to stick to than previously imagined.





Fun Fact: New Year’s resolutions have been a part of our culture for thousands of years. January, named after the two-faced god Janus, had special significance for the Ancient Romans. Believing that Janus looks symbolically back into the previous year and ahead into the future, the Romans offered sacrifices and promises of good conduct for the year to come. It’s inspiring to think of all the people throughout history who have taken a moment to consider living better and more fully with each new year.


A resolution, by definition, is a “firm decision to do or not do something” and most of us aren't able to approach our lives with such sharp exactness. We prefer to use the word ‘goal’ which is definable, trackable and actionable. Goals reflect our ambition and effort towards a desired result and they shrink and expand with us as we change and grow.


If your goal is to become stronger and healthier by being more active, we think that our #yeg community is incredibly supportive. There are countless, inclusive and inspiring fitness classes, gyms, running clubs, trainers and yoga studios in our city. May we suggest purchasing a Lamose water bottle to take with you on your sweaty endeavours? These stainless steel, insulated water bottles have been spotted on yoga mats, treadmills, backpacks and pretty much everywhere the active person goes. Staying hydrated seems to be easier when the vessel just looks so good!


Or, maybe this is your year to weave a self-care routine into your life. You’ve been running full speed-ahead, taking risks and picking yourself up from a couple falls along the way. Balancing life and work is often times an unachievable task, however, weaving in regular rituals of self-care can aid in promoting better sleeping patterns, finding inner peace and supporting us when life is whirling and busy with curve-balls and complexities mixed in. Self-care isn’t one size fits all and you need to discover what makes you feel relaxed and re-charged. Whether you find yourself pulled towards meditation, baths, skincare routines, a thoughtfully made meal or body therapy like massage and acupuncture, we have products to help support you. From Pura’s blissful face masks to Mala & Me’s prayer beads, we trust you will find the perfect accompaniment to your new self-care ritual.




And lastly reward yourself for going that extra mile! Whether it's showing up to the gym everyday for a week, carving out more time for self -care or learning a new skill, small treats along the way make reaching those goals even sweeter. Crushing personal goals and Moonshine Doughnuts or a spa night with Pura Botanicals?! YES PLEASE! 


We’d love to hear about your 2018 goals, be sure to tag us @raasyeg and show us how our brands are helping to support you along the way!



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