Gift Guide #3: The Adventurous Spirit

December 23, 2017

Whether they’re hiking up a mountain, surfing in the ocean or trying a new cuisine, the Adventurous Spirit thrives in the unknown and is always up for adventure. Known for their open-mindedness and willingness to try new things, you can safely bet they'll love gifts that help support their active lifestyles or introduce them to a new idea, hobby or taste. 




1) Beanie | Apollo Originals 


Two best friends founded this company and their passion for all things arts, music and street-wear comes through in all of their designs. We think this beanie would be the perfect (and practical) gift for your adventure-loving friend. 



2) The Vibebox Speaker | Creative Wood Co


These ultra lightweight wooden induction Vibeboxes are great for wherever your day takes you. Camping, to school, or even around the house, Vibeboxes require no bluetooth, wifi or cables required to get this little speaker bumpin' with high quality beats.



3) Spearmint Tea Soap | Wild Prairie Soap


An invigorating scented soap to get you ready for your next adventure. This soap is made with 50% olive oil and a blend of pure essential oils. It reduces redness, awakens and moisturizes the skin. 



4) Custom Designed Water Bottle | Lamose


Lamose has created, innovated and engineered the world’s most durable steel-insulated water bottle. No matter where your adventure might take you; you can be confident that Lamose has your back - especially with a lifetime guarantee! 



5) Hutch and Howl


Freshly pressed juice to give energy and clarity for your next adventure. The blends taste amazing and the nutritional content will leave you feeling your very best self. 



6) Carnivore Variety Pack | Honest Dumplings


These dumplings are packed full of flavour and we know your adventurous pal will love them. The Carnivore Variety Pack is a collection of the all-time favourite meat dumplings with flavours like Boom Chicken, Ginger Beef Bites, Maple Pork Belly and Traditional Pork. 



7) Grandeur | Rustic Wooden Mountain Shelf


These simple, handmade home accessories are one part old world and one part shabby chic. This Rustic Wooden Mountain Shelf is a unique way to display your favourite items or even hang your keys. 



8) Pickled Eggs | Mojojo Pickles 


Add an adventurous ingredient into the basic meals of your day with any of Mojojo's Pickles. Currently we're loving adding the pickled eggs into salads or homemade ramen or even throw them in your pack for an impromptu picnic after a long hike. 



9) The Lion Heart Mala | Mala & Me


The Mala is made with blue goldstone beads meant to represent the stars in the sky and evoke courage, confidence and willpower. The Mala is strung on a durable nylon string and finished with sacred geometry pendants. A necklace that you can wear anywhere, anytime that promotes connectedness and healing. 








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