Gift Guide #1: Hygge for the Holiday

December 21, 2017

Minimal, cozy, and warmth - that’s the heartbeat of what hygge represents. So for our first RAAS Gift Guide we want to help you pamper that friend that prefers to spend meaningful time in small groups, enjoys heart-to-heart conversations over tea and will never hesitate to invite you over to share a meal. If you have a friend or loved one in your life that would sooner choose to stay home curled up with a book than have a wild night out on the town, then this gift guide is for them. 






1. MUSKUY Blanket  (Cloud Eclipse) | HeartPrint Threads

Handmade in Ecuador, beautifully designed and are sure to keep you warm for decades to come, these blankets are sure to please the hygge lover in your life. Best of all by purchasing a blanket from Heartprint Threads, you are getting double the gift because with every blanket purchased another is given to someone in need.



2. Honeybee Choker | Saraswati


The simplicity of this necklace is what we love the most. Inspired by the intuitive abilities of honeybees, this choker is hand-cut with moonstone in brass, on a black or chocolate brown leather choker.


3. Natura Soylight Candle | The Maker’s Keep


These beautifully crafted, handmade candles are made with pure, plant-based ingredients that are safe for people and the environment. This long-lasting and clean burning candle will create a warm and beautiful environment in whichever room it is lit. 


4. Vanilla + Tonka Ice Cream | Revolution Ice Cream Co. 


Does it even count as a personal care day without a bowl of ice-cream? We certainly don’t think so! Treat your loved one to a delicious blend of real Tahitian vanilla partnered with a delightful aroma of almonds and dried cherries. The local couple behind Revolution Ice Cream take pride in churning their ice cream in small batches and mindfully sourcing their ingredients. 



5. Sleeveless Long Cardi | Cloud Nine Pajamas


Described as quite possibly the softest and coziest cardigan you’ll ever put on, this stunning sweater will add a cozy finishing touch to your pajama wardrobe and can be quickly converted to your favourite daytime shawl so you can take a piece of home with you wherever you go! 



6. Handcrafted Tea | Essentials by Nature


Curl up with this beautiful blend of delicious herbs inspired by the Essentials product line. This tea promotes healthy skin, boosts the immune system and eases stress and is handcrafted by local herbalist Lauren Mary.



7. Joyful Perfume | My Daughter Fragrances


This perfume conjures images of summer, sunshine and childhood. With top notes of orange blossom and grapefruit, splashes of bergamot and spearmint; this scent can’t help, but make you smile. 



8. Gift Basket | Basketbelle


Leave a lasting impression with a unique gift or custom gift baskets for the home-drawn soul in your life. Utilizing a variety of containers and high end products, Basketbelle creates personalized gifts based on the interests of the person you are shopping for - in this case, we recommend the Olive Wood Gourmet basket.


9. Overnight Mango Mask | Pura Botanicals


This luxurious mask features refreshing and all-natural mango, guava and sea buckthorn. It’s high in antioxidants that help protect the skin from free radical damage while boosting collagen production and promoting a supple, youthful appearance. The go to gift for anyone who deserves an at home spa day! 




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