RAAS - It's Official

December 7, 2017

In case you haven't heard the news, we're RAAS! 


Short for Retail As A Service, RAAS is Edmonton’s newest permanent market made of up storefronts in a variety of shapes, that showcase independent local retailers, makers, artisans and entrepreneurs - simply put we’re your one stop shop for all things local. We believe in unleashing a creative movement through community and experiences. Community is a focal point for RAAS as we make it our mission to highlight and promote the amazing business that house themselves in our shapes as well as foster a greater sense of community right here, in Edmonton.


It's so lovely to meet you! 





Curious who calls RAAS home?

Here's a full list of all the amazing companies that can be found at RAAS this Holiday Season. 




Adesso Accessories
Adesso accessories is a Canadian men’s accessory business, specializing in unique and trendy products characterized by bold colours and European inspired designs.


Apollo Originals
Founded by two best friends from Halifax who share a passion for music, arts, tattoos, snapbacks and street wear - they are bringing their apparel revolution from Edmonton to the world. 


Basket Belle specializes in unique gourmet gift baskets that leave a lasting impression and can be created for any and all occasions. Customize your own or leave it up to the experts - either way it’s sure to please even the toughest to shop for friend! 






Custom artwork and custom sneakers are created, designed and painted by the incredibly  talented Taleb Choucair.


Cloud Nine Pajamas
Cloud Nine Pajamas believes that comfort is a way of life. Cloud Nine PJ’s keeps you relaxed and cozy with the highest quality sleepwear and loungewear to suit all clients. 


Creativewood.Co Laser Services 

Canadian made and designed, each piece is printed with custom designs on birch wood resulting in outrageous daily essentials including Vibebox speakers, combs, toothbrushes and even apparel.  


Essentials By Nature
Essentials by Nature promotes wellness through the power of nature. Offering skin care, essential and massage oils and bath and body products, all Essentials by Nature products are made out of natural essential oils and other all-natural ingredients free of chemicals, parabens, and dyes.  





Galibelle Shoes
Galibelle is a Brazilian brand that brought to life a unique and comfortable ladies sandal. With a creative interchangeable system with 14 different soles, you can then purchase separate different tops according to your taste or occasion. Finally a pair of shoes that can do it all! 


Rustic, farmhouse and vintage inspired home decor handmade in Edmonton, where old world meets shabby chic. All items are handmade originals or specially found vintage treasures refinished.


Heartprint Threads
Heartprint Threads is a passion project. Born out of a love for travel, design and helping others; they’re more than just beautiful blankets, it’s an opportunity to give back. A blanket for you is a blanket for someone in need; with every purchase, a blanket is donated to the Calgary Drop-In and Rehab centre.


Honest Dumplings
Honest Dumplings is an Edmonton-based company that produces gourmet Chinese dumplings. An artisanal food company that aims to reinvent grocery, they use local and natural ingredients, and ensure that transparency and sustainability are core to decision making.





Hutch and Howl
Cold-pressed juices made by the sister team of Chelsie and Teira, the foundation of their business is all passion and heart. With the majority of their ingredients sourced locally, you can be sure to find dense nutrition, excellent flavour and a lot of love in these juices. 


The name, LAMOSE, is taken from Lake Mountain Sea, and it reflects their core belief as a company: life should be full with adventures. LAMOSE has created, innovated and engineered the world's highest quality all steel-insulated water bottle, from cap to bottom. Not only that, but they offer a lifetime warranty, worldwide. Wherever you go, #LAMOSEGO.



Lip Service
Find the perfect shade of lipstick by having it created for you and customized right down to the scent! Lip Service makes bespoke lipsticks on the spot using cruelty free, vegetarian formulas without harsh chemicals. Yes please! 


Mada The Label
Mada is a carefully curated label designed with quality and intention for the modern day woman. Created to fill a gap in the industry for simple designs made with high quality fabrics that please the everyday woman. 


The Maker’s Keep
With an undeniable passion for local and handmade goods The Maker’s Keep provides local businesses’ a place to display their product in a market like environment. Beautifully curated, you’ll find the best made goods you never knew you needed contained within this shop. 





Mala and Me
Mala & Me, founded by sisters Amanda and Sabrina, was created to provide intentional jewelry that is beautiful, cultivates a lifestyle of purpose, and ultimately to provide tools that comfort, support and transform. Mala's are traditionally used as prayer beads, strung with 108 beads so you may keep count of your prayers, affirmations, intentions and dreams. 


Moonshine Doughnuts
Moonshine Doughnuts is Matthew and Simon, two bakers (and besties and bfs) bringing beautiful doughnuts to the streets of Edmonton since 2012.

Their doughnuts are hand-dipped, small-batch baked, and use the freshest and tastiest local and seasonal ingredients they can find. They believe that food should be fun, that a treat should be as beautiful as it is delicious, and that the simple doughnut is the perfect canvas upon which to create an elevated dessert that appeals to every sense.


My Daughter Fragrances
With a head office and perfume barn in Alberta, and drawing on inspiration from the sunlit studio of nose Jessica Buchanana in Grasse, France, My Daughter Fragrances is truly a house of two hearts. My Daughter Fragrances begins with a focus on traditional French perfumery, heavily influenced by the rich culture and history of Grasse’s fragrance industry. Eliminating the phthalates, parabens and colorants, My Daughter Fragrances demonstrates a commitment to quality natural ingredients, creating eco-luxe scents all women can enjoy. 


Pura Botanicals
Pura Botanicals is Canada's modern green beauty apothecary & natural perfumery using the most intentional, pristine, and plant-based ingredients that come from the most sustainable, ethical sources around the world. Their acclaimed, biodynamic formulas are crafted by hand in mirco-batches to ensure the utmost quality. Pura's handcrafted concoctions are created to promote healthy, gorgeous skin, and a deep connection to all things earthly and beautiful. 





Revolution Ice Cream
Revolution offers traditional frozen custard, as well as vegan and dairy-free options which make no compromises. Prepared by hand in small batches, they churn with freshness at the forefront of their minds, unlike the commercial guys, who produce for shelf life using unpronounceable ingredients. Revolution Ice Cream is made with mindfully sourced ingredients.


Sabrina Siponen, the designer behind Saraswati, remembers gazing up at her aunt's, marvelling over the gold jewelry acquired from the East, and her love affair began. One by one, each treasure was passed around the circle with a reverence. Of Indian & African ancestry, Sabrina indulges in the vibrant customs of her heritage while immersing herself in the natural landscapes of her birthplace, Canada. This spirit is captured in the lines, formations, and impressions of her designs since 2010. 


So Pretty Cara Cotter
Cara’s jewelry is timeless, unique and layers with so much ease you’ll want to wear it day and night. All pieces are made with the finest semi-precious stones, solid 925 sterling silver, 18k gold, rose gold & gunmetal vermeil.


South Island Pies
Originally from the South Island of New Zealand, Jamie – the pie man himself – travelled to Canada on his first overseas experience however never stopped missing the taste of home and thus South Island Pies was born. Locally made and oh so tasty these meat pies are a true taste of NZ without the 12 hour flight! 


Tiffany Blue

Tifany Blue is a luxury designer consignor boutique in Edmonton, featuring unique clothing and accessories for their style savvy customers located here and around North America! At Tiffany Blue, their customers can be confident they are getting the real deal and sellers need not worry about listing their luxury pieces alongside counterfeits thanks to their in-depth verification processes. 


Wild Prairie Soap
Wild Prairie Soap Company’s master soapmakers have found a perfect balance between the traditional craft and the modern-day science of saponification in order to create the finest natural soap. They incorporate 50% olive oil into every bar, making our soap both long-lasting and excellent for any skin type. Each bar is carefully hand cut and fully cured prior to sale. 





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